• Our mission is to empower people with the “remedies” that will increase their ability to experience joy and live an abundant life!

What People Are Saying...

Two of the kindest and most relatable people I know, Janice and Tova have worked in earnest to thoughtfully get through life's toughest challenges. Each time they offer advice, it's a given to listen up- for their insight has been hard earned. Though their paths have been different, it's easy to understand why these two individuals have come together to impart their wisdom. I cannot think of women more qualified to speak to life's challenges and how to forge ahead. Their insight has shaped me and taught me how to love myself even in the darkest of times.        

Ellis T.

“Informative! Connecting!
Time with Janice and Tova is like being curled up in your favorite warm blanket where you can safely laugh, cry or anything in between! “

  Kristan P

Be The Remedies

Whether you are highly connected to your faith like Minister Tova or a school/book nerd like Janice, The Remedies truly offers something for everyone. The combination of the two allows our listeners to partake comfortably while  opening up our thoughts and beliefs to seeing things we didn’t know were possible. Between the two there has been it all! Heartache with the loss of children, divorce and separation of families, raising of children, conquering careers, loss of friendships and through it all GENUINE happiness. We hope to empower you with our remedies to live a life full of joy and abundance.